3D Scanning Target Turtle (10 pack)
3D Scanning Target Turtle (10 pack)

3D Scanning Target Turtle (10 pack)

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Are you in search of the ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled accuracy in your 3D scanning projects? Look no further! Our 3D Scanning Targets are designed to elevate your scanning experience to new heights. Whether you're scanning art pieces on your desk or front to back of a vehicle, our target turtles are your trusted companions for achieving precision and perfection in every scan.

We know how frustrating it is to waste time and hundreds of individual stick on targets for a scan, only to have to pull them back off and leave a sticky residue on your or your customers item. Our solution to this was to create something that allows us to reuse targets in multiple scenarios. The magnetic and suction cup turtles cover almost all of the cases where we have needed scanning targets.


Versatility: Weather you're scanning the frame rails on a vehicle, or an aluminum body on an F-150 we have the options to get the job done without wasting tons of your individual stick on targets. You have the option to use either a magnetic or a suction cup turtle.  

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality 3D printed materials, our targets are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. They are designed for longevity, ensuring you can rely on them for countless scans without compromising performance.

Easy Setup: Place onto scanning surface easily and pull them off instantly when you're done without leaving a trace. 

Enhanced workflow: Streamline your 3D scanning workflow. They facilitate efficient data alignment and registration, reducing post-processing time and allowing you to complete projects faster without sacrificing quality.

Compatibility: Our target turtles are compatible with leading 3D scanners and software, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow. You can purchase them preinstalled with 6mm retro-reflective targets (specific to PEEL 3D scanners and other Creaform products), or blank so you may install whichever targets your specific scanner requires. 

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