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Revv Engineering offers comprehensive 3D scanning services for a wide range of applications in various industries. While Revv Engineering's primary focus is in the automotive field, 3D scanning technology can have many other uses. Reach out to see if we can meet your needs. Listed below are a few reasons we recommend 3D scanning:

  • Digitize existing equipment to aid in product development. We can give you processed 3D scans with defined entities, or you can work with our team to design your next product.
  • Create a 3D model from your existing product to give customers a better understanding of what you're selling. Check out this EXAMPLE to see how it works.

Current 3D scanning capabilities range in size from a shift knob all the way to an entire vehicle.



Revv Engineering can take your hand built or obsolete OE item and turn it into a CAD file that is now a mass producible product.

For example, this bumper was 3d scanned for a customer and reverse engineered into a solid 3D body that may now be mass produced using CNC laser technology and even robotically welded. In this case, the bumper was also modified for a few different style variations and a features were added for ease of production.



3D scanning begins with getting the object readable by the scanner. Positioning targets are placed along the object to help the scanner with tracking. Any shiny or transparent objects are then sprayed with a sublimating 3d scanning spray. This puts a white powder on the object for the duration of the scan and dissolves automatically without leaving a trace.


A handheld instrument is used to turn your physical item into a three dimensional digital file using sensors and light. It does this by creating a point cloud in space that maps out the object with high accuracy.


After the scanning session is complete, the data is then brought into a post processing software to extract entities and usable data from the point cloud. This may then be transferred to a standard CAD software such as SolidWorks/Inventor/or Fusion 360 to continue the design process.

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Need a 3D model to aid in your product development? We may already have the scans you're looking for. Check out our scan library below or reach out to us to see if we can help.

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