Computer-Aided Engineering

Designed with precision and innovation.

Computer-Aided Engineering

Designed with precision and innovation.


Revv Engineering specializes in high performance automotive design. Whether you want your vehicle to cruise around your local trails, or race the Baja 1000, we've got you covered! We can provide chassis, suspension, body, and plumbing design services in house. For electrical design and wiring schematics, we will work with our trusted partners to develop exactly what you need.



Love your old 1960 pickup but think it could use some long deserved attention and performance upgrades?

Lets take it to the next level where we put a fresh new chassis under it with advanced modern suspension and a new crate engine of your choice.

Our team can 3D scan your vehicles existing body or frame and design a chassis to fit your exact needs. Whether its a direct fit/bolt on kit, or if you want to go above and beyond to maximize performance, we can make it happen!

OE style & long travel


Ready for the ride of your dreams? Lets take your stock vehicle and make it ride like a cloud on your favorite trails.

Utilizing OE frame rails, we can develop suspension kits to your exact specifications. Here are a few examples of what we can do:

  • Redesigning stock length control arms to maximize wheel travel and handling without cutting up your vehicle and creating a wider stance that prevents you from fitting on your favorite trails.
  • Extended length control arms, for the enthusiasts that want the most out of their vehicle. Whether its the stability a wider stance gives you, or the ability to rip through those whoop sections and hit jumps, we know how to get you the most from your suspension.
  • Solid axle swap kits, for the guys that need their vehicle to perform under the harshest conditions and take all the abuse you can throw at it. One ton axles or a new fabricated housing may be your preferred method of getting the job done.


Using our 3D scanning technology or with the help of OEM's, factory data may be obtained to design your next big product. From bumpers to rock sliders to roof racks or even accessory mounting brackets and switch panels. We are confident in our abilties to bring your vision to life.

Shown here is an aftermarket bumper with an integrated hitch designed to work with an OEM frame while retaining a functional tailgate. This was designed using a mixture of 3D scans and OE frame CAD models.



You have your perfect new product, but you need a way to manufacture it accurately. Pair it with a Revv Engineering designed fixtures and have the confidence your idea is brought to life in the same way it looks on the computer.


Manufacturing packages

Provided with Revv Engineering designed products to help you get your product manufactured. Whether its for laser, cnc milling/lathe, injection molding, or fabrication, these will help get the job done efficetively.

CNC/Laser ready cut files

Ready to send to your manufacturer of choice, these 2D or 3D files are exactly what you need to turn your product from something on the computer, into a tangible product ready to take the market by storm.

Manufacturing consulting

Questions on the manufacturing process, or not sure where to begin once your product has been designed in CAD? Let us help walk you through the manufacturing process and bring your vision to reality. From raw materials to finished product, we have you covered.

Shown above are examples of past projects. Understandably, most customers prefer to have their information and designs kept secret. So the examples below are just scratching the surface on what is possible. Reach out or check out our blog to learn more and see if your project is fit for Revv Engineering.




Revv Engineering offers complete product design to bring your idea to market. From design to manufacturing to assembly we have you covered to meet your exact needs. 

For example, this ground up e-bike design specifically for Revv Co. uses top of the line components. A critical design component of bicycles is the accurate representation of suspension geometry. Factors such as rake, progressive dampening, and antisquat all need to be considered.

Reach out to us to see if your project has special design requirements. Don't let these get overlooked and increase prototype cost or lead to a faulty product.



We offer our services no matter how small or large the job. Reach out using the contact form and see what we can do for you.

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